Mobile Application Development

What Is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile Application Development

A smart phone is a ubiquitous device that is becoming more powerful with everyday life. Mobile web application is unique desire application that design to be used on smart phone or other portable devices. Mobile apps become more robust which provide specific functionality and specialized capabilities for consumer, depends on how applications utilize the phone’s hardware, to serve their needs.

Be Visible To Customers Anywhere At All Times

The research shown that people spends more than two hours a day on mobile device. Mobile app can connect you with on the go client anywhere via their portable device.

Create a Direct Marketing Channel

Employ direct marketing is a successful strategy for your company to gain access to your customers. Web application creates direct marketing to your client in just a fingertip. Web app serve many useful functions through push notifications which help you get closer to a direct interaction with you clients. Your customers can find information about your products and services, or interact with others benefit features of web applications. You can easily promote and remind customers about your products and services whenever it makes sense. Your business reaches target market who likely to purchase your products and services. Mobile apps have higher engagement level than traditional marketing.

More Opportunities to Reach New Customers and Generate Leads

Mobile advertising is growing at a rapid pace and presents many new opportunities for instantly reaching target audiences. You can advertise your mobile application to the app store. App stores place your businesses in front of millions of potential customers through their inherent cross-selling and promotional features. It helps to boost interest to generate leads.

More Engaging On Social Marketing Strategy

Mobile application enhances higher engagement with your client through social media marketing. Integrate your app connect with your social networks and bring campaign be more effective. Mobile applications are much more intimate and personal. You mobile app can easily publish your showcase images through preferred social media. An app can offer an ideal platform for successful involving social circles.

Cost Efficient, More Effectiveness and High Conversion

Advertising to mobile app is cost less than other traditional advertising. Over time with proper marketing strategy, you can decrease your advertising cost. Your prospects who download your mobile app can instantly and directly receive your promotion offer without the huge costs and efforts that required from traditional methods. Peoples who receive your notification on their phone most likely interest in your products and service that makes your campaign be more effective. Mobile apps provide higher customer engagement to your products and services.

Provide More Value of Your Products and Services to Increase Revenue

You can increase your accessibility for your client to receive information relate to your products and services they need. Your app can send information to customers based on their past activities and choices. This is possible because user details are stored in the apps. Apps provide users with enhanced experience.

You can add functionality that your client might be interest such as parking markers or gas price to make your application be more interesting. Customers can do everything from searching for suitable products to actually purchasing them which able to make payments from their mobile device.

Create Brand Identity and Improve Competitive Advantage

Mobile Web application gives a positive and contemporary identity for your organization. By acquiring an app, a business becomes prepared for the future. It solidifies your business model and helps you gain popularity amongst masses. Well design mobile web application help you be stand out and puts you in a better position than your competitors. Your mobile web application ensures that you capture more client attention than company who doesn’t. A brand that does not have a mobile app appears outdated which affects a brand performance and future prospects.

Improve Services and Increase Brand Loyalty

Your client can contact you in just one-touch access to your contact information. Mobile application can make fast, seamless appointment scheduling. Application can automatically record of their next appointment or remind them of the service date. Your clients can get directions to your location from wherever they are.

It offers excellent customer support. An app can have also query-solving tools and information on board, providing customer’s instant solutions to everyday problems.

Present Your Products and Services Showcase

Mobile web application is one stop platform for your client to access your business where you can showcase your services and products.

Better Analytics Data to Understand Your Customer

Mobile device is more personal device than desktop. Statistic like sessions and screen views help you to understand about your client’s interest. You can learn your client behavior and how they interact with your app. Analytics can help you analyze and give you the right measurement to future improves of your company.

Mobile app analytics provide analytics data gathered from built-in smart phone features such as motion sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS to track new types of user interactions not provided by web analytics.

Provided our high knowledge, experience and expertise in web application development technologies, we believe we can offer a custom and superior web application development services to your business, in comparison to what is currently available. Whether you need basic web application, e-commerce, social network application, database integration, a member portal or intranet/ extranet application, allow us our dedicated, proficient and professional web developer team helps you specifically built your web application that satisfies your business goals and budget.

Web application simplifies your business, safe your time and ROI. Web application is your cost effective business tool that can help you in your business reinvention, and take your business to the next level. Web application can help you be stand out from the competitions in which traditional business do and return on your investment. Whether your need web application for a particular business purpose, reinvent your business or promotion and marketing, our team can built your well documented web application that can satisfy your business needs.

World Means ensure web applications are high quality assurance

Web Application Development Process
  • Error free
  • High in usability
  • High in performance, Load and Stress
  • Application security
  • Compliant with standards
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Accessibility
  • Scalability

World Means successful web application development process:


First, we explore your business, objectives, and directions, also analyze the project requirements. We determine and clarify the scope of development, budget and approximate time-lines under your supervision.


We identify the targeted audience and user, specify accessibility, and plan the security. Then we guide you and let you decide in which the most innovative technologies and technical specifications fit for your project and your business. We create such as functional specification and features summary for the desired results.


We carefully adopt well-proven implementation methodology with development best practice, gathering all elements to plan web application architecture vision layout, accentuate user interface design for best user experience. We utilize multi related –tasks such as business analysts, technical analysts, solutions architect and project managers in an appropriate sequence, and in consultation with you to ensure successful web application.


We execute the plan, implement technical specifications, establish data variables and entities with the algorithm adhere to World Means high-quality assurance. Here we actually program the code and document the design of the web application throughout the development. We develop web application to deliver the project goals.


We ensure your web application meet the measurable requirement, work as it should, no defect and satisfies your business needs. This process is also on-going thus we often employ test-driven development before formal test.


We integrate and link the component subsystem, the selected third party software or services and add the capable functionalities to the web application. We ensure that the aggregation of the subsystem properly cooperate and function as one system.


After appropriate test, you are satisfied with its performance. With your approval of release we deploy the Web application to the production web server to make available to your user.


This process enhances and improves performance of web application capabilities. You may need change, update or additional requirements. World Means offer you the maintenance services to ensure its performance capabilities, and are continually satisfied with your web application.

Web Application Development

World Means for Your Functional Web Application

We offer the documentation of your web application development for future reference to handle your web application maintenance and update as well.