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What Is IDX Website and Benefit of IDX Website?

Benefit of IDX Website

IDX website allows you to show MLS property listings and the public to conduct searches on your websites. The prospects can search freely, refine their targets which establish some confidence, and qualify themselves before contacting you. Prospects want a realtor that is professional and can be connected. IDX website allow you to provide valuable information for your prospects to select you as their “Go To” agent. And why risk losing business to your competition by encouraging your existing clients to utilize other MLS search sites? Your website can become the best source of listing data and compete with other popular sites.

Help You to Become Selected as Client’s Agent

Improve your business by esthetically demonstrate professional brand

Demonstrate Professional Brand

You have only 6 second to get their attention. Consumers make judgments about websites very quickly and will leave a site if it does not look professional and clearly display highly relevant content of what they are looking. To keep them stay around, we establish some confidence through your website that speaks directly to your target prospects needs with enticing solutions.

We add valuable, prominent and organized content visual design to represents your brand identity. All visual elements such as logo, typography and color will catch the eye of prospects and well communicate the personality of your expertise. We make your website more memorable and be consistent throughout web design to achieve your successful brand.

Bring More Prospects with Effective Listing Feature and Functionality

Most of the prospects come to the website to search for properties. Your website is built with useful features and functionalities, also is user friendly. We provide basic and advanced search options, such as Quick Search built in to drives traffic to your IDX for leads capture. Login Property to Save Searches so they can come back to their search at any time, also the ability to see what this saved search is in your IDX dashboard. Ability to pre-define searches that custom setup specifically to your website for short sales. The interactive advance map search to help consumers at ease to search via the Map and area. And More.

Your IDX website have to provide valuable information that satisfy the prospect need if you want to be selected as the only place they go to. Your website equip with Automate Listing Alerts to auto-populated relevant to the listings or suggested listing for your user. It is simplify to help you create showcase active listings galleries by automatically adding them to your Featured Listings page through your MLS System. Listing displays is a critical factor to your success.

Convert Prospects into Client with Compelling Lead Capture System

The primary goal of the IDX website is to generate leads. We create effective lead capture system with lead nurturing steps sign up form that optimize to bring more prospects and retrieve their information for you to follow up. Prospects can request property information and schedule showings right from the property details page when they find ones of interest.

Integrate CRM to Improve Customer Relationship for Effective Marketing

Our CRM is one place to help you strategically nurture and ultimately convert prospects to clients. We integrate CRM to your website to help you develop stronger client relationship and more meaningful interaction with your prospect. By collecting information of your prospects interest and save it in organized manner, then searching and filtering every detail capture to help you provide your relevant services and personalize your communications.

You can facilitate CRM to automate task and workflow such as sending the email alert or anniversary greeting can optimize your customer satisfaction and retention.

CRM can help you advertise and promote your business by writing blog that match their search criteria can help you increase more business and profit.

CRM can give you information about email open rates, click-through rates on links, which listings clients are looking, and more. CRM can help you track and measure what work for your future decision and be more effective marketing.

Build With Search Engine Friendly to Achieve Better Conversion

Your website design and setup for maximum search ability and visibility for Google and other search engines to drive more traffic to your website. We apply your content with visual clarity to be discoverable and index-able. Your property listing are easy to find and navigate through. We structuralize your website with crawl-able URL link. Your site performance are maximized for fast loading time and high usability. We ensure of site efficient functionality and everything works properly.

View on Multi Device to Increase Revenue

More than half of the consumers use their mobile device to their research online. Your IDX website provides a seamless experience for different mobile devices. The listing data and images automatically adapt and look good to different screen sizes, regardless of the device a visitor is using, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Being view on multi device can help you be expose to more viewer and gain opportunity to increase revenue.

World Means ensure Web Design & Development are high quality assurance.

Web Design Process
  • Content : deliverable and accurate
  • Usability : simple, well organized, fast load, scroll minimal, layout consistent, logical navigation prominent,link text descriptive, user friendly, and work nicely for screen resolution specified
  • Functionality : high performance
  • Accessibility : cross-platform/browser compatible
  • Security : authenticated and safe
  • No defect : error free
  • Scalability : accommodate growth

How World Means build a successful web design:


We start by understanding thoroughly nature of your business, your business goals and needs, also identifying carefully the demographics of your audience and the trends your target market. Then we customize your market strategy and project goals with your decisions.


After gathering information, we consider strategically what favorably work for your business reputation and how to attain effective marketing and your goals. Here we cohesively create full map layouts base on interactive user friendly and ensure your project goals are accomplished.


Next is implementation with the clear grasp, we visually develop, test, deploy and translate to your aesthetic, attractive and unique business perception. We review and reprocess till your approval is received.


Finally, we launch your satisfactory project to the production web server to make available to your audience and monitoring its performance for your successful return on investment.


World Means for Affordable Website That Works

World Means offer your web design with full functionalities and features to enhance user experience and your web design. Also Search Engine Optimization that brings more traffic, increase revenue and improve brand credibility. You are in complete control of your web design we are here to ensure that you have a successful website.