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Reduce Business Cost, Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness

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Company is able to reduce their operational overheads -such as labor cost printing cost- while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of their operations. Managing the business efficiently is important, web application help operate for maximizing business revenues and profits. Software can design to reduce the workload, easy management and more effectiveness.

Highly Integrated Collaboration and Can Be Accessible Anywhere

You can easily collaborate on projects and share ideas with one another. Most importantly, web application allows the capture, processing, storage and transmission of sensitive customer data. Application can provide businesses with the means necessary to effectively communicate with prospects and customers. Users can centralize the management of information located in different locations. You can log on from anywhere in the world and get the data they need to do their jobs.

Easy Customizaton, Installation and Maintenance

Web base application is installed on server all users can log in to access on any computer. There is no need to upgrade each client PC this makes it easier to update application or to customize the presentation to different user groups. The upgrades are more predictable and reliable.

Provided our high knowledge, experience and expertise in web application development technologies, we believe we can offer a custom and superior web application development services to your business, in comparison to what is currently available. Whether you need basic web application, e-commerce, social network application, database integration, a member portal or intranet/ extranet application, allow us our dedicated, proficient and professional web developer team helps you specifically built your web application that satisfies your business goals and budget.

Web application simplifies your business, safe your time and ROI. Web application is your cost effective business tool that can help you in your business reinvention, and take your business to the next level. Web application can help you be stand out from the competitions in which traditional business do and return on your investment. Whether your need web application for a particular business purpose, reinvent your business or promotion and marketing, our team can built your well documented web application that can satisfy your business needs.

World Means ensure web applications are high quality assurance

Web Application Development Process
  • Error free
  • High in usability
  • High in performance, Load and Stress
  • Application security
  • Compliant with standards
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Accessibility
  • Scalability

World Means successful web application development process:


First, we explore your business, objectives, and directions, also analyze the project requirements. We determine and clarify the scope of development, budget and approximate time-lines under your supervision.


We identify the targeted audience and user, specify accessibility, and plan the security. Then we guide you and let you decide in which the most innovative technologies and technical specifications fit for your project and your business. We create such as functional specification and features summary for the desired results.


We carefully adopt well-proven implementation methodology with development best practice, gathering all elements to plan web application architecture vision layout, accentuate user interface design for best user experience. We utilize multi related –tasks such as business analysts, technical analysts, solutions architect and project managers in an appropriate sequence, and in consultation with you to ensure successful web application.


We execute the plan, implement technical specifications, establish data variables and entities with the algorithm adhere to World Means high-quality assurance. Here we actually program the code and document the design of the web application throughout the development. We develop web application to deliver the project goals.


We ensure your web application meet the measurable requirement, work as it should, no defect and satisfies your business needs. This process is also on-going thus we often employ test-driven development before formal test.


We integrate and link the component subsystem, the selected third party software or services and add the capable functionalities to the web application. We ensure that the aggregation of the subsystem properly cooperate and function as one system.


After appropriate test, you are satisfied with its performance. With your approval of release we deploy the Web application to the production web server to make available to your user.


This process enhances and improves performance of web application capabilities. You may need change, update or additional requirements. World Means offer you the maintenance services to ensure its performance capabilities, and are continually satisfied with your web application.

Web Application Development

World Means for Your Functional Web Application

We offer the documentation of your web application development for future reference to handle your web application maintenance and update as well.